Portfolio Detail - Bigblue Dive Lights

Client: Bigblue Dive Lights
Business Type: Diving Lights and Cccessories
Location: Dunedin, FL
Technologies: Custom CMS, MS SQL, ASP, Responsive, Javascript, CSS,

Bigblue Dive Lights came to us looking for a web site overhaul. Theyneeded a dynamic web site that could keep up with their new product offerings. They were paying a web designer to manually add/update products on their web site each time they introduced a new light or accessory. This proved to be both costly and inefficient. They also wanted a "News & Events" page on their web site to keep their customers aware of new product releases, trade shows, events, etc. We worked closely with Bigblue to create a new web site that was both visually stimulating and functional. To top it all off, Bigblue's new web site had to be 100% responsive, in order to look good whether the visitor was on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone... and it does!

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