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Bigblue Dive Lights came to us looking for a web site overhaul. Theyneeded a dynamic web site that could keep up with their new product offerings. They were paying a web designer to manually add/update products on their web site each time they introduced a new light or accessory. This proved to be both costly and inefficient. They also wanted a "News & Events" page on their web site to keep their customers aware of new product releases, trade shows, events, etc. We worked closely with Bigblue to create a new web site that was both visually stimulating and functional. To top it all off, Bigblue's new web site had to be 100% responsive, in order to look good whether the visitor was on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone... and it does!

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Customer: Bigblue Dive Lights
Location: Dunedin, FL
Business Type: Diving Lights and Cccessories
Technologies: Truevine CMS, MS SQL, ASP, Responsive, JavaScript, CSS

Web site development has as many options as any industry out there. Finding a true professional that is reliable and responsive is difficult. Very simply the team at Truevine are professionals and their communication skills are as if they have no "geek" in them at all. From the start they kept the communication going in a way that puts you at ease and instills confidence in the site getting done quickly, efficiently and as close to your vision as can be expected without literally looking through your eyes.

Until I met Dave (about 10 years ago) I used to think developing a web site could be done by a high school brainiac or a computer geek working on the side for almost nothing. However experience has taught me that if you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur... the gains you get from a well done web site far exceed the savings you will have from a cheap developer at the front end. Our web site has been complimented over and over again by customers, competitors and industry professionals. The "look" is exactly what we wanted and it has just enough "wow" combined with clear, easy-to-read product information, and great photos that people come to our site and stay there for quite a while. I have given many referrals to friends and colleagues who have gone to Truevine and never been disappointed. I highly recommend Truevine as a cost-effective, efficient, and creative web development company.

Tim Ratcliffe

Owner, Biglue Dive Lights