What We Do

Professional web design, development and content management

Web design

We design professional web sites for our customers that showcase their businesses and allow them to easily manage content through a simple, intuitive online interface. We can do it for you too!


We don't just build pretty web sites - they're functional too. Need responsive design? A database? A different platform like WordPress or Joomla? No problem - we have the experience you're looking for.

Logo design

While we admit logo design certainly isn't our claim to fame, we've had a lot of requests to create logos over the last few years - and we've gotten pretty good at it! If you need a logo for your company, contact us. If we can't handle it, we have a great network of people who CAN!

Free consultations

We'll walk you through your existing web site and talk about the vision for your new web site. Consultation calls and quotations are free.

The right price

When you hear about building a new "corporate" web site, you immediately think of the price tag that goes along with it. We get it - we're a small business too. Let Truevine show you how affordable a web site can be.


While our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with a self-sufficient web site when we're done, we'll always be available for a phone call, an email, or a meeting - at no additional charge (within reason of course).

What kind of web sites does Truevine build?

Typically, we build web sites for our customers that integrate Truevine's own proprietary content management system (CMS). Those portions of your web site that change regularly (like news items, products, testimonials, etc.) are dynamically editable by you via your Admin portal, which you log in to through a simple online interface. We usually build our web sites using classic .ASP programming language, with a Microsoft SQL server database to control all the changing information - all of which we setup for our customers. We focus on building an aesthetically pleasing, professional web site and wrap the content management around it. Unlike some open source platforms, we prefer not to build web sites where EVERY aspect of EVERY page is dynamically editable - just those areas that change regularly. We believe any more than that isn't cost-effective and can over-complicate your web site - which you definitely DON'T need!

That's not to say we won't build web sites in another platforms - we have on several occasions, and we have the experience to do so. It fully depends on the needs of each individual customer, as every web site is different. Click the link below for an example case study showing how Truevine's proprietary content management system and Admin portal worked for our customer Bigblue Dive Lights.

See Example Case Study